Enjoying a Rainy Day, Like a Local

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Rainy days can happen anytime, even nestled up in the mountains on a winters day. Some days it is too warm for snow, and the weather gods send us rain instead. A number of ski-enthusiasts are not bothered, and will go up the mountain rain or shine, however most of us will take the day off when rain is in the forecast.

Sometimes you need a rainy day as an excuse to snuggle inside, put on Nexflix and order pizza. I am all for that. But if it is your only day off or you are on vacation, rain can't stop you from enjoying your day and exploring.There are plenty of activities a Whistler local can do on a rainy day that doesn't involve skiing. Let's take a look!

boy, with axe at Forged Axe Throwing Whistler
Forged Axe Throwing Whistler

Function Junction has a lot of rainy day activities. A popular suggestion: Forged Axe Throwing. Axe throwing has recently gained popularity, and is a great way to pass time with friends on a rainy day. The price is $40 per person for 1 hour, and the instructors will teach you all of the basics, from one-handed, to two-handed throws, with small and large axes. If you are thinking axe throwing isn't for you, I can definitely say I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I am not one who typically enjoys throwing sharp objects, but oh boy it was thrilling. What is also great about axe throwing? It is located next to two awesome Whistler breweries- Coast Mountain and Whistler Brewing. Reward yourself for a job well done throwing axes with refreshing and locally brewed beer. Sounds good to me! Function Junction also has a vintage boutique; The Velvet Underground if you fancy some shopping, and multiple food outlets.

group of friends, winning photo, Escape! Whistler
Winning Escape Room Photo

Another fun activity to do with friends or family is an escape room, like axe throwing, has gained massive popularity in the past ten years. Escape Whistler is located in the village, connected to the Hilton. In groups of 2-6, you will have 4 rooms to choose from: Pirate Ship, Buried Cabin, Pinball Machine, and Rabbit Hole with only 45 minutes to win. The goal is to find all of the clues, in the right order to guide you in finishing the race. My teammates and I have successfully completed all of them (no thanks to me) and they are all equally exciting. The Pirate Ship is ranked easy, Buried Cabin and Pirate Ship intermediate, and Rabbit Hole difficult. This is a great way to use strategic and critical thinking with your teammates. Locals often have staff parties at Escape Whistler- with the intention to build teamwork initiatives. It is $33 per person, and if you win you get to take a celebratory photos with your mates! Want to keep the fun going? You are in the centre of town with every bar and restaurant around you. A good recommendation to keep you dry from the rain; head to the Cinnamon Bear in the Hilton. They feature delicious pub food and cold beer. Trust me, 45 minutes in a small room scrambling for clues will leave you parched and starved.

Treatment room at spa, with window, bed, and hot towel cabnet
Treatment Room at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge

You know what else pairs with rain? Spa day! Nita Lake Lodge is a beautiful place to spend your day when it is raining. As I highlighted in Relax and Unwind, Like a Local, The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge has a whole range of treatments you can enjoy. A mani/pedi or massage, a relax in the hot tub/steam room, and a nap in the lounge-perfect! All treatments are upwards of $100 and more, but with this you gain access to all of the facilities, a complimentary robe and slippers and a day to unwind.The hotel also has a contemporary up-scale lounge if you would like to pair your spa day with a glass of vino. I know I do!

See, rain isn't so bad. Sometimes it's nice to have a rainy day- it forces you to change up your routine and explore something different. But if you want to lounge at home in your sweatpants and order takeout- that's ok too. I'm doing that as we speak.


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