Triple Action Day, Vlog

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hi Everyone!

This weeks blog post is a Vlog, as a continuation of last weeks TRIPLE ACTION DAY!

Whistler found out some sad news last Monday, that it was closing the mountain for the rest of the season due to the influx of COVID cases around town. Luckily, I was able to get lots of footage snowboarding on Whistler Mountain for this vlog post.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the season, a TRIPLE ACTION DAY, will be hard to complete. However, if you are fit enough to hike up the mountain it is still possible- although, time and energy levels will not be on your side, especially if you have already hiked up the Chief that day. If you have a snowmobile, or can rent one, then this certainly can be completed this season, as there are many places to go backcountry skiing in the Whistler area.

If anything, a day of hiking and mountain biking is still a great day! Soon, the lakes will be warm enough for a quick dip in the lake to refresh and reward a job well done.

If you are able to complete a TRIPLE ACTION DAY or have completed one before, please send pictures to, or #livelikealocal so I can feature them on this blog!


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